Rich Media & Games

Interactive Design for Break Media, programmed in AS3, using Flash.

Working directly with clients like Sony, Universal, and Fox, I designed, animated, and executed countless “rich media takeovers” for movie and videogame premieres across a massive network of websites. I also handled animation, sound, and interaction design for apps and games.

Final Destination 3D Promotion  This “Rumble Page” brought the online trailer for Final Destination 3D to life using animation and code. The end resolves to a screen where you can find local theatre tickets.


HALO 3 Promotional Microsite Design and programming for interactive quiz with virtual rewards program


Crank 2 “Homepage Takeover” Rich Media campaign for Break Network sites, including custom “rumble page” trailer


Axe Body Spray “Homepage Takeover” Rich Media campaign for Break Network sites


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